Medical Malpractice Defense

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E. Frederick (Rick) Straub

James (Jason) R. Coltharp Jr.

Medical Malpractice Defense 

At Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub, PLLC, we understand the unique and complex challenges that healthcare professionals and institutions face in the realm of medical malpractice. Our firm stands as a beacon of expertise, specializing in providing strategic and robust defense for medical professionals navigating legal complexities.

Our seasoned attorneys have a deep understanding of healthcare law.  Our firm is dedicated to safeguarding the reputations and interests of healthcare providers. Medical malpractice claims can be emotionally and professionally taxing, and our focus is on providing a proactive and comprehensive defense to minimize the impact on your career and reputation.

Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub, PLLC is known for its meticulous approach to medical malpractice defense. We collaborate closely with healthcare providers, hospitals, and healthcare institutions to build strong and effective defense strategies. Our attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of medical practices and procedures, allowing us to navigate the technical aspects of each case with precision.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the courtroom. We recognize the importance of protecting the professional standing of healthcare providers, and our team works diligently to ensure that each client receives personalized and strategic legal counsel. From pre-litigation risk management to courtroom advocacy, our firm is equipped to handle all aspects of medical malpractice defense.

Medical malpractice defense has been a mainstay of the firm’s practice for many years, its attorneys having successfully represented hospitals, physicians, psychologists, dentists and other practitioners in cases throughout western Kentucky.  The section is headed by one of the most prolific trial lawyers in Kentucky, Rick Straub, and supported by Member Jason Coltharp along with experienced staff in the field of medicine and legal practice.


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