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Estate Planning Services

At Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub, PLLC, we understand the significance of thoughtful and strategic estate planning in securing the future for you and your loved ones. Our firm is committed to providing expert legal assistance tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your wishes are carefully articulated and your assets are safeguarded.

Estate planning is a multifaceted endeavor that requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the legal landscape. Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in crafting personalized and comprehensive estate plans that encompass wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other essential elements. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies that not only protect their assets during their lifetime but also facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of wealth to future generations.

Beyond the technicalities of legal documents, we recognize that estate planning is a deeply personal process. Our attorneys approach each case with empathy, taking the time to understand your unique family dynamics, financial goals, and concerns. Whether you are planning for the distribution of assets, minimizing tax implications, or establishing guardianship arrangements, Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub, PLLC is here to guide you through the complexities of estate planning with clarity and precision.

Our attorneys offer a range of basic to sophisticated estate planning services depending on the needs and desires of each client.  We assist clients with the preparation of:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Will Directives
  • HIPAA authorizations
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • IRA trusts
  • Insurance trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Charitable and educational trusts
  • Preparation and implementation of family limited partnerships
  • Family limited liability companies
  • Other planning vehicles tailored to each client’s goals
  • Estate tax guidance for portability
  • Business formation and succession planning

With a commitment to excellence and a client-focused approach, our firm strives to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions about your legacy. Secure peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones by partnering with Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub, PLLC for all your estate planning needs. Your future is our priority, and we are here to ensure it unfolds according to your wishes.

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